I'm a 52 year old gym junkie....a friend suggested I see Helen after I complained of not being able to lose belly fat that I've had since my late 20's. I was sceptical but gave it a go. After two sessions I can finally see my abs and have been parading sans shirt ever since....Helen is simply amazing and i'm just sorry I didn't go and see her years ago. Thank you Helen!!!

Ross Geddes

Highly recommend Helen for pain of all kinds, for general health, sluggish digestion, for shifting stubborn fat, for ageing skin, for relaxation massage and remedial massage. Experienced and knowledgeable.

Joanne Louder

Helen, my son Max is desperate to come and see you. You are the only person he wants to see now. He said all other specialists don't compare to your treatments!!!.

Oliver Collier

Chiro said i have chronic back pain. I went to many of them to get my intense lower back fixed. Finally went to Helen through a reference to try out her cupping therapy. In 20 mins she told me that the pain is in my back due to some muscle knots i have in my inner thighs. Not a single chiro or doctor found that. They kept focusing on the pain in back and couldn't find the source. Helen fixed my knots in 2 sitting and my 5 months of back pain was gone just like that. I just came back from gym after months. I did not have to take a single pain killer.

Rajan Bhayana

You got to go to see Helen, I and my family go to see her on a regular base. She detoxes me and helps me with pain if any, sometimes I need to rebalance my body.

Ben Fordham

Owner Helen is very knowledgeable chinese medicine practitioner. I go there for cupping, advice on vitamins, diet and general health. The shop is also great with a full range of vitamins, supplements, tasty fresh food.

Eric Kalde

Comparison, 4 sessions with the other girl before and after ($1400 paid for those sessions) vs 2 session with you Helen. Same price instant results.($700), thanks so much. This is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn't be happier for my jaw line. You are absolutely incredible and I'm so glad I met you!

Ryleigh Geddes

What a life charge experience, I have lost 31kgs and 25cm sizes wise on my belly in a short 5 weeks time, people at golf club thought I have had surgery. I have more energy to play with my daughter. Thanking you Helen!

Daniel Strong

I feel very grateful to be introduced to Helen for digestive and weight issues - she has turned my life around in 8 weeks

Kathy Jones

I have told many people about Helen, she fixed my knees now I can walk without pain. Doctors gave up on me and told me that I am too old and just to accept the pain, but Helen didn't gives up on me. Thanks Helen

Jan Kellett

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