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Our Unique weight loss program is using the combination of Chinese Cupping Therapy, The Microwave Technology Onda Machine, and Lymphatic Aliment treatments. This bespoke program will help you to achieve the best and fast lasting weight loss results.

​Chinese Cupping

Will help detox your fat cell, your body and get rid of water in your fat cell so it will be easy to burn of fast.


Will make your fat cell sweet and easy to melt, The Coolwave will make the treatment comfortable without pain.

Lymphatic Aliment massage

Will help to eliminate toxin and melted fat from your body.

That is why you don’t have to wait for 3 moth or longer to see the results. That is why you will lose 2cm to 4cm of your waist line with only one treatment. That is why my clients come to the clinic 2 weeks before their wedding or their daughter’s wedding.

You got try and believe it!

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